Wilhelm's Memorial Home6-19
A promenade through the oldest mausoleum west of the Mississipi River.
One of Portland's finest voices has some things to say. Are you listening?
Broccoli Magazine34-47
Talking weed and pleasure with Anja Charbonneau, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Broccoli Magazine.
Maak Lab48-65
In a world of many smells, there's still much to be discovered. Maak Lab is up for the challenge.
Teruo Kurosaki66-75
True friends are forever. Teruo Kurasaki has witnessed Portland change, but his love for the city isn't going anywhere.
Lever Architecture76-85
Portland has been involved in the timber industry since the mid-19th-century, now LEVER Architecture is bringing this classic building material into the 21st-century.
Manu Torres86-101
A technicolor floral experience. The world of Manu Torres never disappoints. Creative Director of Nike's Blue Ribbon Studio, Ryan Noon, sits down with the artist.
Kee's #Loaded Kitchen102-115
Portland's premier pitmaster wears Gucci.
James Enos116-131
One long fold-out and an epic tale: the ideas never stop coming.
Kamp Grizzly132-139
We take a spyglass to one of Portland's most sought-after creative agencies.
Brown Printing140-147
Print didn't die. It reincarnated.
Dawson Park148-159
Joy amidst the changing cityscape. Historic Dawson Park continues to welcome those who have enjoyed its space for so long.


Founder & Editor in Chief

Bijan Berahimi

Creative Direction & Design



Elle Nigh

Copy Editor

Abby Morgan



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Printed during the month of December 2019 in Portland.

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Tron 444

Tron 444 is the moniker of Portland-based musician Old Grape God. In addition to making music, Tron 444 is an accomplished painter and fashion designer.


Tyler Ashlock

Tyler Ashlock is a photographer. Armed with an enthusiasm for experimentation, Ashlock’s portfolio showcases an impressive number of athletic talents and fine product photography through his tenure at Swanson Studio.

Bijan Berahimi

Bijan Berahimi is an Iranian-American graphic designer and curator of FISK—a design studio, store, and gallery based in Portland.


Daag is a custom, made-to-order clothing line by creator James Fink. Fink once made a jacket for Toro y Moi.

Emily Darling

Emily Darling is an art director, stylist and model. Through color and movement, her work is ethereal in nature.

Peter Dolezilek

Peter Dolezilek is an art director at Kamp Grizzly. Reality TV fuels his interest in the complexities of human connection and understanding.

Zack Dougherty

Zack Dougherty is a multi-disciplinary artist. Skillfully crafted and delightfully bizarre, his independent and commissioned work blur the lines between what is real and what is not.


Mario Gallucci

Mario Gallucci is a photographer who specializes in fine art documentation, environmental portraiture, and architectural photography. His work has appeared in Artforum and ArtNews.

Matthew Hayes

Matthew Hayes is a freelance director of photography. His narratives for music and commercial clients—including Nike, Powerade, and Old Spice—are woven through intimate, dreamlike portraiture.

Arthur Hitchcock

Arthur Hitchcock is a photographer. The subject matter of his work ranges from personal documentary projects about small town life to editorial showcasings of interior and design work.


Margaret Jacobsen

Margaret Jacobsen is a photographer and writer. Along with their passion for capturing beautiful portraits and moments, they cover parenting and race for such online publications as Romper.

Stone Jarboe

Stone Jarboe is a freelance stylist and art director. Inspired by bygone eras of fashion, nostalgia underlines and elevates his work to new, contemporary heights.

Chloé Jarnac

Chloé Jarnac is a filmmaker and photographer. She is also the co-director of Womxn House, a community for women, trans, and non-binary artists to connect, collaborate, and support one another.

Matt Jay

Matt Jay is the founder and director of End of Summer, a cross-cultural art program dedicated to exploring and supporting contemporary art from Japan. He also co-runs THAT YEAR, a creative studio and clothing label project.

Khira Jordan

Khira Jordan is an editorial director and poet. As a copywriter, she has helped craft and establish the voice behind such brands as Nike, Apple, Google, Kate Spade, and Opening Ceremony.

Lex Kumar

Lex Kumar is a writer and editor based in Portland. She has an M.A. in Media Studies from The New School in New York and has penned pieces about art and politics for esteemed publications, including ArtAsiaPacific.

Jennifer Baum Lagdameo

Jennifer Baum Lagdameo is a freelance design writer, copywriter, and content creator. She is a regular contributor to Dwell.com, writing about design, architecture, and real estate.


Colin Matsui

Colin Matsui is a photographer. Using the medium to translate everything from the mundane to the beautiful, his work has been featured in The New York Time and Office Magazine.

Abby Morgan

Abby Morgan is a copywriter and art director. Whether through writing or set design, her work traces the lines of art, design, wellness and beauty.

Ricardo Nagaoka

Ricardo Nagaoka is a photographer. Allowing his Latino-Japanese heritage to inspire his work, Nagaoka explores the stories of marginalized communities through his art practice, including through his current series Eden Within Eden.

Keanu Narcisco

Keanu Narcisco is a photographer currently based in Los Angeles. Found between where dreams and reality collide, his work can be seen in Cult Classic.

Elle Nigh

Elle Nigh is a senior creative producer at Nike, who manages large scale projects from start to finish. Her current independent project is geared toward closing the gap between Portland’s elite creatives and the underserved.

Ryan Noon

Ryan Noon is an artist, maker, connector and director of Nike’s Blue Ribbon Studio & School. Creating spaces, experiences, and objects are the focus of his creative work.

Kentaro Okawara

Kentaro Okawara is an artist who lives and works in Japan. Through his colorful, playful style Okawara captures the pure joy and beauty of being alive.


Alexis Paschal

Alexis Paschal is a photographer. Her work poses a continuous investigation into light and color, and she’s furthered this study for brands like Rose Delights and fashion designer, Laurs Kemp.

Daniel Rolnik

Daniel Rolnik is an author and curator. His life is a never-ending adventure story...

Christine Shen

Christine Shen is a freelance graphic designer and art director. Variety is the spice of her work, life, and whatever Bon Appétit recipe she’s making next.

Tina Snow Le

Tina Snow Le is a senior art director at Spotify. Her independent project, Earth to Her, challenges and explores the visual culture of cannabis through the lens of design.

Shani Storey

Shani Storey is an associate art producer at Wieden+Kennedy and freelance fashion stylist. She has styled for Nike and Olderbrother.

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